Sunday, March 18, 2012

Six Sentence Sunday, Mar 18

For this Sunday, six sentences from my WIP, Nobody's Bride, a western. Not a lot of intro here--just a sensual hair-washing scene between hero and heroine before they get together:

His fingers splayed wide, moving deep to the roots of her hair, massaging her scalp until his palm cupped her head. One fingertip traced the rim of her ear. An accident? A tiny moan escaped her without her intent. The drugging motions of his hand stopped for a moment, and then resumed. She heard the splash as he dipped the pitcher once more, and then lifted it to rain warm water down on her head.
For more Six Sentence Sunday fun, go here.


christine warner said...

Very sensual six....looking forward to more!

Joanne Stewart said...

Love this. Very innocent, yet so sensual. Great six.

Guilie said...

Nice six, Linda. Sensual and with a promise--I'll be back next week to check if you fulfill it :D

Silver James said...

Ok, you have to love a cowboy who knows how to wash a lady's hair! I enjoyed this glimpse into her thoughts. Nice six.

Angela Quarles said...

Very sensual 6!

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