Lara Crosby left Chicago when her career as a big-time political fundraiser went sour. Determined to put the past behind her, she envisions a peaceful new life at her cabin in northern Minnesota. Everything changes on a dark night when a mysterious stranger suffers an accident outside her cabin.
Jacob Sumner awakens in the wilderness after a car accident with no idea who he is or why he is there. Lara is beautiful and kind, but she's a world away from the gritty world where he makes his living as a private investigator . . . or is she?

As she crested a rise, she saw the source of the sound. Tipped violently forward with the engine still running, its rear wheels spinning in mid-air, was a wrecked SUV. Its front end was crumpled and its windshield spider-webbed with cracks. The vehicle didn't belong to anyone she knew. She flicked on her flashlight again and surveyed the damage, speechless as she took in the wreck.
It was no mystery why the SUV had crashed. Weakened by the heavy rains, the driveway had crumbled away on the lake side for a distance of at least twenty feet. Under the front bumper, an electrical pole lay in pieces. The cabin's driveway was unlit and treacherous at night even to someone who knew its every curve. In the dark, the stranger must have swerved to avoid the washout and taken out the electrical pole instead. That explained the power outage.
Wanting to help, but still leery of a possible intruder—not to mention the downed power lines that lay to one side of the vehicle—Lara moved warily around to the driver's side. She pointed the beam of her light through the windshield and caught a glimpse of a figure slumped over the steering wheel. Surprisingly, given the violence of the crash, the air bag hadn't inflated.
Lara pulled the driver's side door open and blinked in the sudden brightness as the dome light came on. The driver, a man, appeared to be the only passenger in the vehicle. She got only a quick impression of thick dark hair and a lean body before she saw the blood. "Dear God," she whispered. Blood flowing from a gash on his head soaked his once white thermal shirt and jeans. She reached out to touch his arm, for what purpose, she wasn't sure. Was she going to shake him awake, or check for injuries?
"Get away." He lifted his head. His eyes opened, green and shockingly alert for a man who had appeared to be unconscious moments before, as he turned to capture her gaze.

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