Saturday, October 30, 2010


Just a tidbit on my work in progress--tentatively titled "Meeting Mr. Wrong" (but hey, that could change). I'm way too early to begin working on a blurb in earnest yet, but if I were to take a stab at it, here is what it would be:

Ivy Smithson has carved out a safe, predictable existence for herself. Once pursued by a man for her money -- she is, after all, an heiress -- she focuses on her art history studies, dating nice men in her social set, and keeping her younger sister, Daisy, out of trouble. That last part is a full-time job. When Daisy decides to marry a bouncer turned mixed-martial arts fighter, Ivy is convinced that disaster looms. Ivy decides to save her sister from herself, and hies off to Vegas to stop the wedding, accompanied by the sexy private investigator who works for her father.
Joe Dunham thinks Ivy is crazy for trying to meddle in her sister's wedding, but he's happy to cash her father's check. But when he gets to know Ivy, he realizes there might be a lot more to her than just a bossy heiress with a thing for medieval manuscripts.


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