Friday, June 15, 2012

Lucky Seven

I've been tagged for Lucky Seven by Donna Cummings. Thanks, Donna! In keeping with the Lucky Seven meme, here are seven sentences from my current WIP, a comic New Year's Eve-themed story. Our heroine, Kayla, is stranded on a snowy rural road at night, on New Year's Eve, after a car accident caused by a raccoon and a poorly timed text message. (Don't ask. Long story.) She's freezing and late for a party with Dr. Dunne, her boss, and her coworker Carolyn, when a car appears on the isolated road:

She’d just decided to give up her dignity and call Dr. Dunne to plead for rescue when the sound of an engine caught her attention. She turned to see headlights cutting through the darkness. She didn’t know whether to rejoice or panic. She was desperate to get out of this weather, but getting into a car with a stranger was a dumb idea.

On the other hand, dying of hypothermia because she’d seen one too many PSAs about Stranger Danger as a kid struck her as even dumber. She nervously gripped the cell phone in her purse. If the driver looked like a pervert, she’d text Carolyn really fast.
Here are the other authors I'm tagging for Lucky Seven:

Emma Lai
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Debra Kayn


Donna Cummings said...

I like this! And I like how she's going through all the dangers, trying to pick which is the best. Or worst. LOL Thanks for playing!

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