Monday, February 21, 2011

What a Six-Year-Old Would Do if He Were President

In honor of President's Day, here is my six-year-old son's take on what he would do to make the country a better place if he were president:
5. Put all of the holidays in August so that they're all near his birthday.
4. Make all clocks have regular numbers instead of roman numerals so that kids can read them.
3. Make salt and pepper shakers look different so you can tell them apart. (Actually, if my husband were making a list, this would probably go on his too!)
2. Replace the Golden Gate bridge with one that is smaller so that it doesn't take so long to repaint.
1. Plow snow into people's yards instead of the street so that cars don't bump into snow piles. (This one has been a big deal in my neighborhood lately!)

A list we can all get behind, huh?


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