Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Delinquent blogger

Yes, I've been a bad blogger (sound of me slapping my own wrist here). Between the day job and kid wrangling, spare time has been in short supply lately. I haven't had much time to write at all, much less to write about writing.

I've been waiting to hear back from an editor who requested some revisions to a story (my western novella). She did respond, only to request more revisions. Sooo, what little "spare" time I have is going into making those revisions, not blogging or writing my new story, a crime caper set in Nevada. I've put it on the back burner so many times, I'm wondering if I'll ever finish it.
In any case, my day job workload should be better in a couple of weeks, and the Kid starts school in mid-August, so things ought to calm down a bit by then, and it's back to stoking the creative fires!


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