Saturday, June 12, 2010

Title dilemna: To switch or not to switch?

Two years ago, when I named my novel, I did research to make sure that "Forget-Me-Not" wasn't already taken. It had been used years ago by a very dissimilar romance, long out of print, so I wasn't too concerned. Fast forward to today. The day after I got my cover from the publisher (oh, happy day!), I discover that NY Times bestselling romance author Vickie Hinze has a romantic suspense novel out called Forget Me Not. It just came out in March. It also involves a character with amnesia. Craptastic.

After a day or so of fretting, cursing, and worrying, I've decided to keep my novel's title as is. Vickie Hinze and I are in different worlds as far as readership is concerned. (Meaning, she has one, and I don't.) Mine will mostly likely be ebook only. And other than the amnesia bit, the stories are very different. Plus, I just can't find another title that I like as well as Forget-Me-Not.


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